Brand message:

let live

Think back what you love. Think ahead what can be created collectively.

DDD HOTEL is in a modern world, where we see each other as individuals. But we come together as induviduals in a collective and form new values.


A hotel

DDD HOTEL is a “collective hotel” for people living in modern cities.

Stop for a moment and reflect on what is important to you. Experience the minimal but fine quality life, updating and restarting itself. A place where individuals with various purposes gather and create something new while enjoying a good time together.

DDD HOTEL re-examines the way of modern urban life where independent individuals coexist whit different purposes. In a space that was reborn after a complete renovation of a business hotel that lasted more than 30 years. In addition to the guest rooms, there are a variety of cultural facilities such as an art gallery, a kitchen space, a cafe & bar, and creators who are active in various fields. We coexist while respecting individuality.

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