"DDD ARTIST IN RESIDENCE" program is a short and medium-term residency program for artists based in other regions and overseas, which is run by DDD HOTEL.

In recent years, many "art" hotels and "artist residences" have been born. Once again, the attention of art and the interrelation with business have created a new market. On the other hand, the reality is that funds are concentrated on highly mobilized content, such as works done by well-known artists and works that are preferred among the public.

Now that attention is focused on art, we want to provide a solid support for content that is hardly appreciated in the market. DDD HOTEL has established a new residency program to deepen public understanding of culturally valuable and foresight initiatives.

About Program

This program supports artists, curators, designers and other creators recommended by galleries, museums, and schools affiliated with DDD HOTEL. This program offers free (or special discount) accommodation for 3-14 days when staying in Tokyo for research, production, exhibition, etc.

* Direct applications from artists are not accepted.


Galleries, design offices, and schools that are interested in this program, please contact us below.

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